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Missing Dexie

Dexter the Pug, or as I call him, Dexie.I’m such a creature of habit!  It’s something I have known for a long time, but a recent stay-over at my daughter’s house really reminded me.

It took a few days just to get acclimated to the new surroundings – although I visit there regularly, anyhow . . .  It’s just very different to temporarily move in.  All of my own personal stuff wasn’t there, so there was a lot of running back and forth involved – not to mention not sleeping in my own bed.  I wisely brought my own pillow, though.  I’ve come to love that pillow.

The lucky family went to Florida.  I simply adore anything tropical.  It would be easy to be jealous if I didn’t know they’d worked and saved so hard to be able to go.  It was a very well deserved vacation for them, so I’m glad they got to do it.  I’ve had a few tropical visits of my own, and maybe someday I will again. (Sigh.)

So, I was the official house and dog sitter for a few days and, true to his species, Dexter there was my constant companion.  Dexter is a Pug.  He’s only a couple of years old and cute as a button.  Just take a look at that little face!  How could anyone not love a face like that?

My kids think it’s funny how Dexie loves me so much.  I can’t figure it out either.  Maybe it’s because I sense how he feels and I talk to him a lot.  It’s been hard habit to break now that I’m back home and he’s not here.  A couple times I’ve opened the back door to go out and called for Dexie.  I think my neighbors are starting to wonder!

The Storm

The storm

It has taken me a while to write this – I wasn’t sure if I would or should, or even if I could.  I decided I must.  Our readers would wonder, wouldn’t they?

There’s a fragile balance in nature we don’t sometimes understand.  The best that we can do is trust the balance is for the greater good.

A couple of nights ago, we experienced a fierce, long-lasting hailstorm mixed with heavy rains and tornado warnings.  It tore into trees and pummeled flowers and bushes, including that perfect bush of a home that housed our little bird family.  The baby birds are gone.  All that’s left is a flooded nest filled with debris.

It took 2 days for the mama and papa birds to leave.  I’m grateful that they survived.  The day after the storm when I checked the bush, the mother bird was just sitting there.  For the first time ever she allowed me to come within a foot of her.  She had never let me that close before.  In the past, had I dared to get that close she would swoop down at me and squawk.  Now she just sat there staring.  It was almost as if she was saying “Look.  Just look at what happened to us.”  She was so still – stoic seeming – I didn’t even think she was alive.  We just stared at each other for a good while.  Finally, I couldn’t help myself, I told her out loud that I was so sorry, so very sorry.  She must have flown away that evening or the next morning.  The father bird continued his duties for those 2 days, bringing worms and flying into the nest with the food.  I thought that was amazing.  Finally, he left as well.

I was so close to the mother that day and I admit I did take pictures of her and the wreck that was left of the nest.  I decided there was something not right about using them.  I don’t want to steal the sanctity of our experience together or what happened in that storm.

Instead, here’s a beautiful picture my youngest daughter took.  While we can definitely see those threatening dark clouds, we also see the sun shining behind billowy white clouds above, like a promise of a new day and new life.

Feeding Time!

Mama robin with a worm in her beak.Our three baby birds are growing in leaps and bounds, especially over the last couple of days.
Today, their heads are up and their eyes are wide open.  As fast as they’re developing, I worry that the inevitable will happen at any time.  It makes my picture-taking even more precious and time-sensitive.  And great!  Today’s very cloudy and very windy.  I hope that they don’t blow away!

Although I have graduated to “casual acquaintance” with the proud parents, I’m fully aware that I’m not allowed to peek too closely.  Today, I felt like a thief stealing a quick snapshot while on the lookout for them swooping down at me.

Mom and Dad Bird have been taking turns feeding the chicklets.  There is a very precise system to it and it’s wonderful to watch.  My granddaughter and I helped them out a little by purchasing some worms from Wal-Mart.  ”Take these”, the lady said.  ”Night crawlers are way too fat, and those waxy ones won’t do, either.”  I think that they think they’re in heaven, or at least a 4-star hotel with room service!

I’m so surprised at how the baby birds sound during feeding time.  I was expecting chirping, but instead they sound like crickets rubbing their little legs together in a frenzy.  It’s so funny to listen to!

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